October 7, 2020

A1 Telekom Austria Group and TRACE Global Inking New Strategic Partnership in Asia and Europe

Livia Dandrea-Böhm

A1 Press Contact

The music & lifestyle media house, TRACE, has chosen A1 Telekom Austria Group to be its main technical distribution and contribution provider in the Asian market. A1 Telekom Austria Group will deliver the high quality TV channels TRACE Urban and TRACE Sport Stars to cable and IPTV operators within the wide footprint of the APSTAR-7 satellite at 76.5° East. Both channels are available in HD quality for its viewers in Asia Pacific, Australia and partially Africa. A1 Telekom Austria Group is also going to include the music channels in some of its subsidiaries in Europe.

A1 Telekom Austria Group provides end-to-end technical broadcasting services to numerous TV channels & pay TV operators in the European, Asian and the U.S. markets directly from its teleport Aflenz, located in Austria. TRACE TV channels are distributed in 162 countries via 220 carriage deals with leading cable, satellite, DSL, mobile and OTT operators and are available on 27 satellites.
“We are excited about this new step for TRACE Urban and TRACE Sport Star in Asia and Europe. Our new partnership with A1 Telekom Austria Group on APSTAR 7 allows us to accelerate the distribution of the TRACE channels across a wide Asia Pacific region and enhance our presence in Europe,” said Laurent Dumeau, International CEO and Group Chief Commercial Officer at TRACE.

“Our A1 Wholesale Broadcasting team is proud of this strategic partnership for the technical distribution of TRACE Urban & TRACE Sport channels in Asia. We are pleased to provide technical services and support the distribution of this exciting music content in Europe and Asia. We are looking forward to achieving great success together with TRACE”, said Elena Petrova, Head of Wholesale Broadcasting, A1 Telekom Austria Group.

About TRACE Global
TRACE is the first global ecosystem that leverages afro-urban entertainment to connect & empower the new generation and the creators. TRACE engages with 300 million fans, leveraging the power and the creativity of Hip Hop, Urban, African, Brazilian and Caribbean culture. With in-house development, production, financing, media, digital, distribution and branding capabilities, combined with the subversive spirit of independent creators, TRACE collaborates with both emerging and established talents to generate premium afro-urban content and leading digital platforms for a potential captive audience of 400 million super fans in its seven priority markets: Africa, France, UK, USA/Canada, Brazil, Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.
Learn more about TRACE at https://trace.company

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