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Few can match what A1 International Business has to offer: 40 years of experience in non-terrestrial communication, which also makes us a leader among Europe’s satellite service providers. This position makes it possible for us to offer our partners worldwide communication at the highest technical level. Reliable, safe and cost-effective. It’s no wonder that our know-how has led to many of our successful partners becoming global players.


  • In the heart of a rapidly growing DTH area and cable hotspot
  • Contributes more than 500 TV channels, including over 200 in HD
  • TV channels and platforms across Europe thanks to extensive wide beam coverage
  • A high-performance footprint in five regions to efficiently cover different language markets


  • Europe’s new hotspot for the technical distribution of TV channels
  • Eutelsat 16A at 16° east
  • Carries signal from TV channels to more than 500 pay-TV operators in over 30 European countries
  • Over 35 million television households receive channels distributed from 16° east
  • Over 700 channels, more than 100 HD and 160 FTA, from EUTELSAT 16A
  • In the best European satellite area between HOTBIRD and ASTRA 1, double/triple LNB-friendly


  • Most extensive geographical coverage across all visible land masses, including Asia, Australia and most parts of Africa and Europe
  • Apstar-7 at 76.5° east
  • Expansion of services to up to 75% of the world’s population, from 76.5° east.
  • Ideal for media broadcasting and telecommunications services, connecting the Western continent with the Asia-Pacific region
  • Over 150 international and regional media channels. Fed by the APSTAR-7 C-Band Global Beam
  • Cross-continental footprint spanning a variety of languages and cultures

Increase your scope: A1 International Business Broadcasting and Satellite Services.

A1 International Business’s comprehensive range of services will increase your scope: starting with our Aflenz Earth Station, to working with other satellites (Eutelsat 9B, Eutelsat 16A and APSTAR-7) via end-to-end solutions for broadcasters and DTH or OTT platform services. Seize the many opportunities the world has to offer.

Your Connection to the World in the Austrian Alps

A1 International Business is a leading satellite service provider in Europe with over 40 years of experience in non-terrestrial communication.

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