Satellite Earth Station Aflenz

Gateway to the world:
Our Satellite Earth Station in the Alps.

High-tech and nature – the Aflenz Satellite Earth Station combines both in an impressive way. As one of the most important radio and measuring stations for satellites in all of Europe, it is also an interface to the world. And that’s not the only thing that makes A1 Broadcasting a pioneering provider in non-terrestrial communication. As the leading satellite service provider in Europe, A1 International Business also has 40 years of experience, to the benefit of our customers.

Facts & Figures:

  • One of the largest satellite relay stations in Europe
  • Ultra-modern, high-tech satellite location consisting of more than 50 antennas over 6,500 m²
  • Digital transmission at the speed of light – worldwide data transmission takes place within 400 milliseconds
  • Reference station for calibration and steering satellites – ESVA (Earth Station Verification Approval) and TVCSM tests
  • Integrated part of the international terrestrial A1 International Business backbone network
  • Access to orbital arc between 55 ° west and 85 ° east
  • Interference-free location in the Austrian Alps
  • NOC 24/7

Strength through good connections:
infrastructure and cooperation

Thanks to an experienced team and close cooperation with renowned partners, we offer a comprehensive, complete portfolio of satellite-based services in more than 70 countries. The Aflenz Satellite Earth Station is also connected to nodes in 47 countries around the world via the A1 International Business backbone.

Take on the world with our broadcasting

A1 International Business has what few offer: 40 years of experience in non-terrestrial communication making it a leader among Europe’s satellite service providers.