March 15, 2021

A1 Telekom Austria Group Announces the Launch of a New IoT Detection Tool

Livia Dandrea-Böhm

A1 Press Contact

The A1 IoT Detection Tool helps mobile operators monetize IoT (Internet of Things) roaming traffic.

In addition to numerous roaming & mobile solutions, A1 Telekom Austria Group has launched an IoT
Detection Tool offering:

– New revenues streams from inbound IoT roaming traffic
– Billing of low or non-billable traffic
– Cost control of outbound IoT roaming traffic
– Combination of real-time signaling and TAP file information

“As the leading mobile operator and Wholesale Service Provider in the CEE region, A1 Telekom Austria Group can look back on decades of experience and knows the needs and challenges of our wholesale customers in the field of IPX, signalling and quality monitoring. With the new IoT Detection Tool, we help our customers make essential IoT traffic visible in both inbound and outbound roaming”, states Franz Bader, Director Wholesale, A1 Telekom Austria Group.

Due to the Corona pandemic, mobile operators worldwide have suffered massive roaming losses, as both business trips and private journeys have been almost non-existent for more than a year. The roaming business has virtually come to a standstill and new business areas or services are needed to compensate for some of the revenue losses. With the IoT Detection Tool, operators can now also charge IoT device related roaming traffic that only generate low or no traffic at all (e.g. home alarm systems which only send narrow-band IoT devices or classic M2M devices with very low data in case of a burglar alarm usage but heavy signaling traffic patterns).

Using in-depth analytics, mobile operators are now able to identify IoT related inbound roaming traffic and start charging those IoT devices with low or no traffic, respectively. The tool can be installed locally in any mobile operator environment worldwide or hosted by A1 based on a dedicated cloud solution. It guarantees the detection, capture and subsequently the monetization of IoT traffic and generates new revenue streams.

Technically, the IoT Detection Tool combines sources from real-time signaling and IPX as well as from TAP files. The in-depth analysis has shown that, despite the roaming decline, a significant number of roaming IoT devices sits in the network and can be clearly connected to IoT communication. Previously, roaming analytics tools such as roaming quality were not able to capture IoT related low-threshold traffic. It is only possible by these new analytics to identify certain permanently roaming IoT devices and measure signaling load and very low scale data traffic. As sessions were too short or volumes were too low, this IoT roaming traffic could not be registered and therefore could not be charged. Thanks to the analysis of signaling combined with call records, the new IoT Detection Tool allows to separate IoT roaming from regular roaming traffic and start monetizing it.

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