September 4, 2020

A1 Telekom Austria Group: First Partnership of the Wholesale Broadcasting Division on the U.S. Market with “Boss TV”

Livia Dandrea-Böhm

A1 Press Contact

A1 Telekom Austria Group has announced its first partnership on the U.S. market for its Wholesale broadcasting business. A1 Group is supporting the successful launch of Boss TV, an innovative TV Streaming Platform, which will provide access to over 100 channels in Spanish, English and Italian. The platform will be launched on October 1, 2020 and provides an end-to-end live linear TV, premium network content, VOD and SVOD channels, and online betting gaming content to mobile, tablet and PC subscribers.

A1 Telekom Austria Group will deliver premium quality European TV channels to the Boss TV Platform via IP delivery solution (SRT) from its Aflenz Teleport in Europe to the USA.
A1 Telekom Austria Group is recognized as the leading provider of end-to-end technical services – playout, satellite distribution and contribution services to TV channels & operators over different satellites in Europe and Asia. In addition, the company distributes TV channels worldwide via different IP delivery solutions. SRT is an open source video transport protocol that optimizes streaming performance across networks with highly secure streams and easily brings the best possible quality live video content.

Elena Petrova, Head of Wholesale Broadcasting at A1 Telekom Austria Group states: “Partnering with Boss TV on the U.S. market is a reflection of our innovative and professional approach towards our customers. We are happy to enable the ambitious market entry strategy of European TV channels in the U.S. market while supporting our strategic partner Boss TV with professional technical delivery of the best quality content.”

Diego Cardona, Chief Technology Officer of Boss TV, comments: “It is a pleasure to start this important partnership with A1 Telekom Austria Group in order to ensure the expansion of our portfolio and the diversity of content that we would like to offer to our customers via the Boss TV platform. We are very much looking forward to working with such a strong partner as A1 Telekom Austria Group.”

About Boss TV
Boss TV (a product of Planet Earth TV, LLC) has revolutionized live TV streaming in 2020 with a fresh, user-centric, mobile-first approach to Live TV streaming to the consumer. Boss TV commits to deliver the highest quality streaming content to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Android handsets across varying network conditions, delivering seamless viewing experiences across multiple platforms, empowering the consumer to be the “Boss” of their Live TV streaming experience. Planet Earth’s cumulative expertise and workforce remains dedicated to making the best live TV streaming platform on earth, and to leaving a lasting impact in the world of interactive streaming experiences for generations to come.

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