August 10, 2020

A1 Telekom Austria Group Announces Easy Payment of the DAZN Sport Streaming Service via A1 Mobile Phone Bill

Livia Dandrea-Böhm

A1 Press Contact

Just in time for the re-start of the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Champions League, which were suspended during the peak of the Corona pandemic, DAZN is expanding its payment options and, within its existing partnership with A1 Wholesale, is enabling so-called “paying with your mobile phone bill”. This means that A1 sports fans in Austria can now pay their sports subscriptions to the global sports streaming service DAZN via their mobile phone bill using a simple and secure payment method.

The initiative is part of the “DAZN for Operators” partnership program through which DAZN works with the world’s leading mobile operators, broadband Internet providers and pay TV operators. The program aims to make live sports broadcasts even more accessible to fans while allowing partners to build stronger, more valuable and lasting relationships with their customers through the experience of live sports broadcasts.

“Through our partnership with DAZN, we make it possible for our customers to follow live experiences through exciting sports broadcasts on a national and international level. Through a secure and easy payment method of their sports subscriptions via their A1 mobile phone bill, our customers have access to premium sports at any time and can manage their sports subscriptions digitally and mobile. “Paying with your mobile phone bill” is just another step in the digitalization of our services for our approximately 5 million mobile phone customers”, says Franz Bader, Director Wholesale, A1 Telekom Austria Group.

Ben King, SVP Global Distribution and Business Development, DAZN, says: “The speed, as well as the convenient way to pay for digital entertainment content via your mobile phone bill, is very well received by sports fans. We are delighted to partner with A1 to offer DAZN subscribers in Austria this quick and easy payment option”.

About the partnership with DAZN
Football, motor sports, American football or boxing: DAZN enables sports fans to experience their favorite sport anytime and anywhere. With over 8,000 live sports broadcasts per year, they can enjoy the full range of sports, whether at home, in the living room, on the road or in re-live. From now on, subscriptions can also be paid via A1 mobile phone bill. More and more leagues and sporting events of national and international competitions are entering the hot phase or are starting up after the Corona pandemic – the perfect time to bring your favorite sport to your smartphone, smart TV, console or tablet. In 2019 alone, more than 500 million hours of sports were streamed worldwide via DAZN, the majority of which were mobile. A1 customers have the opportunity to test the new service for a free month and can then pay for the subscription via their A1 mobile phone bill. Just a few years ago, sports fans had to be punctual in front of the TV screen to avoid missing any broadcasts. Today, with DAZN they can enjoy all their favorite games and events live & on demand, when and where they want.

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